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The Peoples Bank Taylorsville

Mortgage Loans

Interested in buying, building or refinancing a home? The Peoples Bank offers predictable monthly payments that help meet your needs
Our approval process is quick, easy and efficient
Come in today to see how we could save you both time and money

The Peoples Bank has the ability to tailor your loan to your individual request - Our approval process is quick and flexible, saving you both time and money
  • Long term fixed rates available
  • Free pre-qualification
  • Quick and Flexible Approval Process
  • Automatic Monthly Repayment Available with a Peoples Bank Checking Account
  • Numerous Payment Options
  • Loans for Primary and Secondary Homes
  • Loans for Investment properties and vacant Land
If you have any questions, please Contact Us  - One of our knowledgeable loan officers will be glad to assist you; or use our online application to start the mortgage approval process TODAY
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